Welcome to Thomas Herrington’s musings.  The idea of this page is ‘still on the journey’ – it is just a list of thoughts about life, culture, and dreams all in the light of a greater purpose.  I use this to express my thoughts, feelings, and dreams in a broken and hopeful way to show gratitude to all that God has given me.  I am glad you came along to walk awhile with me as I try to take my abstract thoughts and put them down as concrete understandings of the temporal and the infinite.

Deep Thoughts in the Shallows

I like to look around me and see the commonplace – the everyday fodder that we tend to zip past at life speed – and figure out what it means and what God wants for me to glean from it.  I’ll be painfully honest in that there was a time in my life that this was much easier to do but I so often find myself getting swept along and not truly living, thinking, and breathing it all in.


I’m glad you made it here.  I am Thomas Herrington and I love life.  I live to learn, teach, and create.  This website is a culmination of my creative tendencies, my desire to help others, and hopefully above all to be a loyal, awestruck, child of God.

I have a wonderful family and to wake up and realize that life isn’t a dream but reality is the best.

In all things, I believe all of creation – people included – are beautiful, wonderful,  amazing creations and we all have a purpose.

I am a father, husband, son, brother, uncle, teacher, leader, dreamer, inventor, hopeless romantic, and an eternal optimist.  I have faults too numerous to count, but I have a redeemer that paid for them in full so I don’t have to be a slave to them any longer.


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